Weddings and Corporate Events


The grounds of the Chapelle Ste Agnès Vineyard are available for corporate events, groups, weddings, cocktails, parties, wine tastings and a host of other events imaginable. The estate comprises the terraced vineyard, medieval wine cellars, Romanesque chapel, several stone terraces and reception hall, which together provide an incomparable backdrop for any special outing or event.

Wedding services may be held in the romanesque private chapel or at any one of the many exceptional sites on the property. Cocktails, dinners and corporate events can be held in one of several locations. The price range for holding an event at the estate varies depending on the requirements. For weddings, a minimum of $6000 applies. Events generally range between $25 - $150 per person for corporate events and $185 and above per person for weddings.

It would be our pleasure to provide further information and answer any questions you may have. We would be delighted to show you the possibilities at Chapelle Ste Agnès and help you create an event with ambiance and style.

Please contact us for more information, a quotation or to set up an appointment.

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tossing Reception hall wedding

Patrizia and Mike Wedding video
Patrizia and Mike wedding

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